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Dear friend,

 As we wrap up our celebration honoring our first year as a Minnesota nonprofit, we hope that you'll consider the work that we are doing worthy of a donation before the end of the year.

More than one-third (!) of all young children in the entire state now participate and we are on our way to making Minneapolis a Bookend City, where every single primary care clinic in the city that serves young children participates in the Reach Out and Read program at the highest level of quality.

Every. Single. One.

When Minneapolis achieves this goal, it will be the largest city in the country to have reached this milestone. We are almost there, and we need your help!  Please consider a donation to help us in this final stretch, and to carry on our work to reach even more Minnesota cities and communities. A Bookend City would be the best first birthday present ever.

Entering a room and turning an anxious, hesitant patient into a smiling, engaged child by simply sharing a book with them is one of the best parts of my job. The connection that is instantly forged is something that not only puts the child at ease, but the parents too. In those moments, I also learn a great deal about the child’s ability to interact with their environment, the people in it, and the parent-child relationship. This invaluable interaction happens between thousands of providers and families every day across our great state thanks to supporters like you.

You can change the trajectory of children’s lives by making a donation of any amount this month.

  • Unlock the potential of the children we serve with a one-time donation.
  • Amplify your impact by becoming a sustaining monthly donor
    • Clinic Supporters donate $5/month to give clinics an extra boost when they need it.
    • Clinic Sponsors give $20/month level to provide a clinic with the support they need all year long to maintain the highest quality of implementation of the program.
    • Clinic Founders contribute $40/month to cover all the costs associated with starting a program from scratch, including clinic staff coaching, provider training, and start-up logistical help.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate with us, I want to thank you for your ongoing support of Reach Out and Read MN. As we look toward Year Two and beyond we are excited about the potential that will be realized by the young children of Minnesota if every one of the clinics in our communities participates.

That’s our goal. You make it happen.

Nathan Chomilo, MD FAAP
Medical Director, Reach Out and Read MN

P.S. When we reach our goal of 101 donations you can look forward to a video of us celebrating (complete with a birthday cake in my face) posted on Facebook and Twitter!

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